A sudden shift in the slope
of the decent from this
ivory tower and my climb down
now will resemble a fall.
I am ashamed to admit
that I am liable to
never quit you,
but nary a fool has there been
to sway my icy heart
slick as glass
were these walls built- unshakable.

These fragile grievances
that now I bear
wear like the criminal’s finest cloak
masking the features,
the smooth of the skin
until it is hollowed, and
wickedly spinning the darkness
spreading thickly, wearing heavy
and well by the fool
that I have become.

I swallow your rhymes,
with ease, like lies
as you strum upon these strings
your guiltless, “original” songs
and I, recalling every word,
as I have heard them all before
still sing foolishly along.


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