I went up to Denton… and I ripped my pants

My friend Debi and I used to make road trips up to Denton/Dallas/Arlington during our sophomore year of college to visits friends at UNT and UTD. Those trips were the best!! Anyway, there was usually something going on like a concert that we went up to DFW for, but on this one particular trip we decided that we were going to seek out skate parks near Denton with our friends at UNT. We were very into rollerblading at this point in our lives and thought that we were totally rad for it. We are pretty much the reason why roller blades, skateboards, scooters and the like are banned from Sugar Land Town Square… you’re welcome :).

I have to preface the following story by sharing some very vital information. The night prior to the events to come, we had gone out to an apartment with some mutual friends. While, in comparison to the rest of the people there, we were pretty well behaved, a few of the girls and I decided it’d be funny to climb from the floor onto the back of their couch and then somersault over. We were getting pretty good at it, but when I hoisted my leg up onto the couch at my last attempt, I ripped the straddle of my pants. Yes, it was funny BUT it was the only pair of pants that I had brought along on the trip. Typical me. Anyway, the rip was small and I figured that the pants would make it through the rest of my trip and back home to Houston where I could dispose of them properly… which now leads me to the next excursion.

The next afternoon, 3 friends and I, in my ripped pants, drove off in search of a few skate parks that we had researched online. I cannot remember exactly what part of town we drove out to, but what we found was a small, fenced in, makeshift “skate” park behind a church. It was of course gated/locked and presumably private property. There was also a pretty eerie wooded area behind the park/parking lot. We knew the other park- that was still about 30 minutes away- required an entry fee, but would have quality ramps and a lot more space. Buuuuut, since we were all broke college kids free outranked quality.

Of course, we did what any honest, responsible young adults would do in this situation. We decided we were going in! Debi and Tyler climbed a tree that had “cozied” up to the fence. It took them a while to successfully make it in there and Tyler tweaked his ankle a bit on the dismount. They started going to town on the half-pipes and all. Oh, yeah, and giving Eric and me a hard time for not following their lead.

Eric decided that he did not want to risk getting caught and opted to skate around the church parking lot while explaining why we were morally wrong for “breaking and entering.” I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive about sneaking in too, so I skated around with him for a while until I finally got bored skating in circles.

I am the world’s WORST tree climber. No lie, so I decided that I was going to scale the fence at the gate. I threw both my tennis shoes and my skates over the fence and got to work. Climbing up was easy; straddling the fence was pretty easy too. BUT do you remember that tiny rip that I mentioned earlier? Yeah, it got snagged on the chain link and as I tried to hoist that leg over the fence the pants ripped right down my thigh almost to my knee! So, there I was stuck about 9 feet in the air, trying to maintain balance while untangling the threads of my pants from this fence without ripping them any farther or flashing any private business to my friends.

I struggled up there for several minutes before I was able to completely remove the tattered material from the fence’s grip. Proud of myself, I started to climb down the inside of the gate just as I heard giggles and chatter on the ramps behind me. “Yeah yeah yeah, very funny guys,” I thought. But as I turned around, I saw Eric skating up the half-pipe and was completely confused. How in the heck did he beat me inside?!?! I mean, there was NO way that he could have climbed the tree and hopped the fence without me seeing him do so.

Apparently, there was a slit in the chain link under the largest half pipe- directly behind where I was climbing. He happened to find it as he was walking towards the woods to handle some, um, business. Anyway, we all felt pretty dumb for not checking the fence line in the first place. It’s not like we were the first people to sneak in and I’m sure that we weren’t the last. Aw well, you live; you learn… and we see were my morals got me. 🙂


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