Grand closing

The doors of the country are locked
officials are gearing up for a war,
but it has been raging, fears raising
both guns and mouths blazing, for years.

Here we are begging for change,
not acting, just looking right in hope.
But somewhere down that line,
someone has no one to turn to.

Will the last be the first to step up
to finally make way for progress?
Or will he turn around, look back
in complete despair upon emptiness?

His countrymen too cowardly to stay,
no one strong enough to boldly fight
against the causes they detest
the cancers that eat at their rights.

Indebted to the great Orient,
still we claim surest power,
backing battles we did not start
but will victoriously boast when won.

But should it start to crumble-
sway the way we will it not,
we tuck our tails, duck instead of stand
yet, they call this the home of the brave


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