Nobody does hillbilly better than Texas

Chilifest in Snook, Texas… a bunch of rowdy, white trashy, beer drinking fools partying in a pasture for 2 full days. A crap ton of beer and boxed wine, girls and guys alike in cut off shorts and boots shot-gunning said beer, slappin’ bags and winning at flip cup. Hundreds of filthy port-o-cans, no showers and, unless you bring a tent or book a hotel room somewhere, sleeping is allocated to truck beds and a pasture littered with beer cans and horse manure. Top that all off with great Texas country music, barbeque… and a can of red bull and you’ve really got yourself a hillbilly ho-down!

I have been to my fair share of crawfish boils, cook offs, small town festivals, concerts and river camping trips, but none of those events prepped me for what I would experience at Chilifest. I was not really sure of what I had gotten myself into when I agreed to go; I will admit, I was anticipating a horrible experience. Fortunately, it was anything but!!!

I learned quite a few things on this trip:
1.) how to play, and master, flip cup.
2.) Target brand box wine is surprisingly not half bad.
3.) Sleeping in the bed of a truck (with the right amount of bedding and/or beer and box wine) is just as comfortable as any bed… until, inevitably, the morning people will wake you up with loud music and laughter. 4.) Wearing boots instead of flip flops in an unlit horse pasture at night is a MUST.
5.) Always keep Red Bull on hand. Always.
6.) Bag slapping- a Chilifest tradition. Slap the wine bag and chug… red wine is a no-no.
7.) Don’t try to leave early. You will miss everything worth seeing.
8.) And after this weekend, I am adamant that all domestic light beers taste the same after you’ve had enough of them.

With all of that said, Jenn and I tried to leave early on Saturday, but where blocked in and forced to stay. I am so grateful that we were because we got to jam out to Randy Rogers. (And now I cannot wait until A Haute Time In Texas where he is headlining!!!!) We also got to see our chili teammate Sarah punch a stupid drunk chick in the face! It.was.awesome! Then were covered head to toe in beer and dusty grime from the high winds and raging drunks. We looked like the walking dead, but the overall experience was one that I am completely grateful for… and cannot wait to do again!!


One thought on “Nobody does hillbilly better than Texas

  1. I love the after pictures! This brought back my own memories of chili fest… I remember my friend Cory deciding that he was going to be a human bowling ball and knock down all of the empties on a table… he took a running dive towards the table, belly flopped upon it and the table promptly collapsed, dumping him into the muddy slop of spilled beer and yes, manure. It was hysterically funny and so much fun. So wish I could go back to those days. So glad you enjoyed it and had such a great time. ( :

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