On Loss

The onset is swift, but not subtle.
It is a punch to the gut,
explosive quake of the chest;
the muscles give, bones seem to break
and the life is ripped out of your breast.

Unlike anything you’ve ever felt before,
a fiery furnace of internal emotional hell.
It is raw, exposed, bold, unyielding-
unforgivable. Yet we search for reason,
we try to bargain for the lost souls.

Some would say that heart break
is easily the most fearful fate.
I have to disagree, you see.
We know the risks we take,
the stakes of the love games we play.
You can love again; a heart will mend.

I have to say that longing… that loss
is a far more painful, permanent ache
for a soul cannot defend against death.
Life cannot be restored nor replaced.
No denial, anger, no bargain can bring return.

And the reality is unfortunately this:
through memories alone do thrive
those that have lost, those departed.
Memories we keep don’t keep us alive
but do generously allow those we lose to survive.


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