Track Etiquette

Pungent odors of roses, honey suckle
unintentionally steal my breath-
for all of this beauty, I appreciate,
but my lungs adamantly object and
I audibly gasp, cough, as I side step
to avoid discourteous walkers,
slowing along, hogging the trail.
How they hear me fast approaching,
but do not acknowledge, respect
those of us showing athletic intent
amidst their casual strolling.
A few, stone-faced, look away
refuse to admit they are friendly,
for they can sense I do not belong.
Smiles outnumber them greatly,
warmly welcoming the bikers, joggers-
anyone doing well for their health
and the aptitude of their community!
Still behind each smile, I see
a story of a greater struggle
than that to conquer this trek,
lives stretching every mile to make pay,
to boast these beautiful houses,
finely tailored lots. A space that even I,
I would love to call a home some day.


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