That canopy, blacking out the sun
seems much too far out of reach.
I venture on assuming it protects me
but such dim light makes it hard to see
the dormant dangers waiting ahead.

There is no perceivable breeze,
but these trees begin to sway
leaning ever closer, imprisoning me.
I find myself desperate to breathe
as the space about me shrinks.

My brisk walk has slowed to a crawl
as I find myself in absolute surrender,
entrapped by these overbearing limbs
drawing nearer and nearer still. Why?
I never asked for them to join me here.

On my knees now, like their prisoner,
I am forced to wait, with no escape
from these prickly leaves where
my fate is imminent, eternally sealed.
Suffocated to my last breath, I submit.

From tormented sleep, I jolt awake,
drenched in sweat, gasping for breath,
thrashing through empty air as if,
by ill fate, I am still clutched by death.
I’m free, but of relief no sigh I breathe.

For this recurrent dream haunting me
has clutches rooted deep, sub-memory.
When I was swiftly strung along, blind
but willingly following a narrowing path
until light, life was abruptly snuffed out.


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