What to do with you now?

You had it made, you clueless child,
but you contentedly let it all slip away.
And what for? He was no man, for you.
Was he worth losing the love,
the respect of your family for? Never.
He used, then abused your heart.
Then, left you alone to restore all.
We rejoiced at his retreat! Sweet victory!
(I am not sorry to reveal that truth)
We thought, hoped you got it then,
but instead you fell in further rebellion.
You were too proud to seek out help
from your own kin, so to me you turned
letting your desperation beg through-
no favor too grand could I then do for you.

You were never my responsibility, love-
though I was always on your side.
Telling little to those who oppressed you,
hoping that my kindness, my loyalty
might win you back to the right world.
I fear your fate is now sealed. Sadly.
No matter your place, the date
no matter the steps you take
they will forever see you as a child-
the animation of the fear in their hearts,
of what turn your life takes, your fate.

I have a similar fear for you, but of you.
There was nothing I could provide,
no time, no distance I could defy
to rectify the pain I brought your world
when I walked out and on my way.
I thought we had transcended goodbye-
as it was in no way intended for you.
Alas, I see, this is your revenge on them,
by choosing a dealer of pain to love
knowing how their blood would boil.
but also, you seek revenge on me
for not loving him enough to stay-
more to stay for you than him
so that I might save you from your enemies
for they never let you be the girl I knew
you wanted to, and around me became.
They never listened, didn’t understand,
never saw you as a sister, or friend,
like I did, and irrevocably, still do.


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