Dear Jackhole

Give it a rest…let HER rest in peace. Your lingering obsession is not, and never was, healthy. July 27 of this year will mark the four year anniversary of her passing; I am aware that there is no time line for grief and recovery, but you knew her for what? Maybe three weeks. No, you met her maybe three weeks prior to her death, but you did NOT know her. Not really; not at all. Yet you still carry on like she was your best friend…like you were her widower.

Quit feeling sorry for yourself; stop feeling like you lost so much. This situation is not about you. It never was or will be about you. You were not special. She was nice to EVERYONE she met, and I wish you had not mistaken her kindness for interest. You were nothing but a leech, a parasitic creep that obviously does not know when to quit.

Scouring the Internet for any traces of her existence will not bring her back. Sharing your findings with those of us who knew her for years- actually KNEW her- does not help us move on. In fact, it is disturbing to see that you stalk the dead…it is infuriating that you choose to hinder all of our efforts to overcome this loss.

We are all still grieving in our own ways and she will never EVER fade from our memories or hearts. Pining over her would prevent us from living fully and prevent her from living on in our memories. Do you not understand that she was all about living for the moment? That she would not want us to dwell; could you tell me anything that held her back? Any regrets? Any one thing she might have dwelt on, feared or obsessed over? No? Oh, that’s right! How could you know?

You need to move on, leave her alone. Hell, leave us all alone! But apparently, creepers never say die…even when death is applied.


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