Waste Not Your Time

I want to write to you, preemptively.
You see, we have never met,
but I want to know if we will know
when we do, that it will be both
the end and the beginning of eternity?

Our lives alone will end, independently
but our spirits align, our bodies bind
and hearts become one, forever.
Our lives starting fresh again, together.
Tell me could it get any better?

I honestly am not certain
that is the best that it could be,
I mean, really, do I actually need
a you, a me, to be one for eternity?
Do I even need an “us” at all?

I have begun to believe not,
you see, so perhaps what is best,
for you and for me is anonymity.
I would prefer for us not to meet.
Could you never know, never love me?


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