I Could Get Lost Amongst You

How sweet of these flowers to bloom,
rest beside this trail I run upon, and
wave in the breeze like they cheer me on-
and as they wave me along, we unite!
They are as committed to my sport as I.

These bright fanatics of springs delight
embellishing the water’s marshy edge
make the distance I cover a beautiful sight.
And when I run farther than before,
I stop to admire and to thank them
for their admiration and support.

They push me on, I wonder, to cheer?
Or do they wish to keep me longer?
Encouraging me to run a little farther,
stay, intoxicated until I cannot escape
and I am lost amongst blended colors-
golden hues, reds and blues, spinning,
dizzying until I am inundated, content
with desire to live amongst the flowers.


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