Leaving the Strip

When she walked, her hips so grand,
they swayed, like branches in the wind.
Don’t pretend. I noticed you watching,
my dear. And it was ok. Then, anyway.
Clearly, I watched her too-
watched the way she moved
as she silently conducted the room.
She was swift, took charge,
pulled you in, hard, by the eyes,
but, my dear, I never thought, I swear-
that she would tear your world apart.
And you’d keep watching her work,
watching her walk right over you.
And now you are shifting in your grave,
slowly mimicking the way she swayed
out of regret for this mistake made
when her hips convinced you to play,
to stray… for you watched too long
but she never displayed interest,
you were just too afraid she’d get away.
So in lust, you bound your new bride
gagged and tied, entirely too tight
and when her time expired,
fearfully you tried to hide, deny
these events that had transpired.
But there is no escaping from
the beautiful display you destroyed
her silent tunes will still sound,
when she and you cannot be found
for you took her life dastardly so-
that same cowardice got you caught,
got you shot for the treachery brought
on by your hand, though you swear
that it never touched those hips.


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