Centrally Dislocated

Can we take the life
that we led when we go?
Can we take our memories?
Can we keep our mind?
Sadly, love is left behind,
bodies remain to wither away
for they were but flesh,
of no consequence to who
we had grown to be, inwardly.

So, we cherish the soul,
the source of the love,
not the part that we see,
not the part we touch,
not what encases the heart.
We grow fond of this skin
that binds us together,
but relate to the core,
build trust internally.

So, what I miss most,
my dear about you.
Is not your smile,
is not your laugh,
is not the physical “you.”
Sure, I miss all of those parts,
but my darling, sweet babe
I miss the center, the soul.
I miss your wonderful heart.


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