The Sweet Kelly D

Dearest Kelly,

I could sit here and pout about how much it hurts to know that you are gone, but I know that you are delighting in Heaven with your Father and there’s no way that I can be sad about that fact. You were such a joy and a blessing and I miss you more than words can express. Such a tragic ending to such a beautiful life. You will live on in our hearts and in our memories… you are in the Lord’s hands now. You are watching over us now and we could not ask for a more beautiful, loving guardian angel! I hope that you can read this from up above; I hope that you don’t mind that I share it with the world. I just want to share my fondest memory of you. Oh, and when I see you on the other side, we will take that fishing trip I promised!

*Kelly and I worked at Starbucks together for quite a while before I left for my full time gig. One night when we were closing together, she was put on dishwashing detail and I was trying to help her by bringing dishes to the sink for her to wash. I had loaded her up with several whipped cream canisters and turned to walk off when all of a sudden I heard this loud “POP!” followed by Kelly’s loud “GASP!” I quickly turned back around to a big eyed, wide open mouthed Kelly splattered from head to toe with whipped cream. I guess she forgot to release all of the pressure from the charge in the sink before she unscrewed the lid because she got a face and apron full of cream. I swear we laughed for days about her “creaming” incident. I wish that I had gotten a picture, because the look on her face was priceless! I still laugh today every time that I think of that moment… no one else could crack me up at work quite like she could. And trust me, I had a LOT of coworkers at Starbucks over the years.


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