The Time Share

You find yourself now, crying out,
fighting mad, restless from the pain,
that ache in your chest
that seems never to subside,
blaming yourself for the failure
that the fool who left, left with you.
And you want him to feel it,
reap what he has sown,
when he blew your mind,
left you in awe, only to let you go.

You now drag through the days
since the last contact made,
in a zombie state, degraded,
only enough energy remains
to will the ticks of the clock
to ease the pain, make it stop-
but nothing blocks your mind
as it carelessly unwinds that scene.

These daunting remains
of your strained, pained heart
seem to mull over, and over again
every moment ill spent,
with the wasteful person
he proved to become.
You find yourself, in turn
winding down time in this slump,
using it less efficiently than he,
and still allowing him a generous sum
that from the start he’d never won.


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