Bringing You to life

The rosy cross hangs free,
swaying gently about my neck,
it sings of bliss, sweet love for Thee-
bearing the symbol of truth
upon my heaving breast.

In its presence you strip me clean,
free of the burdens to which I cling.
My naked reality stings,
but I can now see more clearly
how completely Your love reigns.

And I know despite this mess of me
the chaos this world has become
You would never cease to love.
For Your creation millions strong
and to You forever they belong.

Still, I know I am not just one of many.
I know that I am recognizable, whole.
Not a small part of the whole of You.
You do not need us to survive, as we do You
but it is through us Your stories come alive.

Here I write these worlds, in truth
with hope that brings You to light
the confused, troubled souls on Earth
can understand what You sacrificed
to save us ALL with Your own life.


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