My Life is Completely Connected to Your Love

When all feels right with my life
I sing out, wear my joy aloud
for the world to see, how real,
how distinguished is Your love.

But that light grows dim, fades out,
I find myself tempted, failing,
drudging through the sinful sludge
that the world emits around me.

I creep to my dark corners,
tried to hide, lie to Your eyes
with my deceitful wiles, and beg
for You to once again forgive me.

How does Your grace flow free enough
to cover wounds I lace upon Your skin?
How selfish must I be to hit “repeat”
as if Your forgiveness is an easy clean?

I pretend that Your love is free to take
and that it cost nothing for my sake
but I know it took Your life to save
such a disconnected soul like me.

But You still see me beautiful
if I believe with my heart, completely
that You died and rose again for me
so I can love You loudly not discreetly.


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