On Breaking Through

The wait was worth its patient pace as
I now see long since buried dreams
materializing rapidly right in front of me.
So tantalizing, how mesmerized am I
by the ease of how they come to life
that I forgot to clamp my jaw tight
so here it hangs unimpeded in awe.

I spoke too soon of giving up, resigning
to a life of solitude, of selfish confines.
Indeed, I resolved to moving on alone,
but knew well my heart was not swayed
on this act, this independent display-
that is, naturally, when fate intervened
and revealed to me your beauty deep.

How contentedly drawn to the simple song
in your heart I am, to the whole of you.
Even when your words do not rhyme
they reveal to me lines of beauty, truth.
If I catch your stare, your eyes stay
right with mine, never break the gaze.
You look to see in me, not through me.

You appreciate the me within, just me.
Not the break down of societal ideals,
not drones upon which perfection rests-
if not but for countless ounces of plastic
and years to achieve desired results
at higher cost to exist than to survive.
You live to love the real, life. Not a doll.

Such aesthetics were not listed though.
From where does the attraction grow?
To be so bold to say that I never,
never intended to be satisfied with this-
here you are, surprisingly nondescript
yet not paper thin lips, smokey musk
nor solid dark features even disgust.

I can see within, as I can see the mold
but I have to say that by both views
I am undeniably impressed each day
with the very whole, every part of you.
These walls are trembling, ready to quake
and your touch might send them falling.
If your will is for them to break, do not hesitate.


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