Picking at Healed Scars

All of these wrongs finally did make right
my hastened walk back into your life
risking a great deal more than was accounted for
and it is still growing, so I will not run anymore.
I am content with this turn of events
for reasons I cannot, do not need to recall.
For I know what I feel is certain, real
and I am amenable to the potential fall.

Please do not call me spiteful in my attempt
to recall that now non-defining moment
as I find it not so trivial a detail as comical.
Believe me, it makes for quite a tale!
Besides, I came back. Did I not?
Timing upon this renewed affair seems just
when compared to the wary image of lust
you expressed indiscreetly at first sight.

The choices made were unknowingly wise
with the best of intentions in time rung true-
So, over distance I refuse to fret
for even the greatest have faced a higher debt
than it has taken us for us to correct
our ill-timed excursion and finally beget
some semblance of affection, without regret-
completely restored, forgiven. Forgot.


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