Dreaming in Sequence

The right timing, I see,
requires nothing more of me
but a patient heart, so free
to exact the change I need.
I’m still waiting, I believe
losing patience, patiently.

So, I won’t miss out when I sleep
feel nothing brush upon my skin
till that lonely chill of morning breaks
to ring my conscience in again.

They say a soul can live
within broken frame,
unless the state of mind it’s in
won’t change.
They say a stronger man
can learn to love again,
can spark a newer flame
but damn, my dear,
if that’s all true
Then we were too quick to give in…

That’s where I miss you while you sleep
miss your warmth upon my skin
wish your kiss upon my cheek
dreaming you still here with me.

The clock still counts the days
as they fade in to nights
with methodically watchful hands
and restless, glassy eyes.
I notice I can’t even try
to mask desire in mine.
The only thing I would change
about you over time
is the distance that your head lays,
as you dream away each night from mine.

I’ll hold your memory close,
this you need to know
as long as you’re right here in my heart
I’m never letting go…

Because I miss you in your sleep
wish your breath upon my skin
and every breath that I take
finds me in your arms again.


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