On Support (Best Friend)

I bite my tongue,
bite until it bleeds-
but your pain ignites the words
I long to speak.
I swore to keep
at peaceful pitch, my speech.
I wish to withdraw such promises,
can I?
Because my heart is screaming loud
to take a stand,
oppose to this foolishness
while he vows to make peace,
to change
and you cling to the hope
that he will, or even can.
But even you are not convinced
that what he feels for her is vague
but for you is bold, is true. Is love.

But since you chose to stay,
to tread this increasing depth
please know that I will support
whatever might be left, maintained
of your happiness beyond this mess.
And if things remain the same,
your pain lingers, unchanged,
I will say not a word in recollection
of these times we spoke before
of how he hurt your heart, your spirit
and how you fought with all your strength
to stay beside a man who let you
simply remain by his side
while lifting another ever higher
than the mere desire
he confessed to have in you.


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