On Visiting Strangers

I want beauty that in your eyes I found
upon the ground- both brush and rock
to bargain my breath for the wildfire
raging in my mind like the ones left behind
to engage in this frisky frolic in the cold
when you let me in, and lay me down-
breaking the mold of every heart I had found
prior to this engagement with your soul.

The starry night sky silenced all sound
as you pressed me firmly between
the soft, the warmth of your skin,
and the crisp elements of the wind
until at last to rest you laid, the lust
that raged within for days on end
until this meeting to once again display
the desires of our fortuitous first meeting.

And when at last our hunger satisfied,
I returned to reality to find my mind made
in line with this gap in design of want-
beyond a distance I refused before to play.
No need to wish for more, or no less
for what was made can lay at rest
and be written now as a fairy tale
exposed in highest quality of sight and sound.

Knowing fair well the time we spent
was worth every worry conjured up
for my trip to such a stranger’s offer
by those who love this girlish heart
but understand in all its wonder
its need to explore and continually ponder
what options lay beyond the common
sights and sounds of her home ground.


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