Playing an Adventure like your Guitar

I want you, not part, but all
to be my smile’s cause when I recall
such a remarkable adventure-
When I let my eyes fall to wonder
about the beauty held in yours
that captivated, mesmerized me
until our time was unfortunately over.
Reality resumed and sadly we,
until the off-chance we meet again,
were indeterminably pulled asunder.

A stranger to me when we began,
you took my hand, led me through
an equally strange land, even to you
and on that journey we defined,
a conquered ground, a growing bond
that comforts me but through memory
as I drift off to dream and venture on-
through those trees that gently sway,
obey the notes your fingers strummed.

You never even knew, nor I,
those trees along the trails we took
were completely clueless too.
But we were beating out a rhythm
to a lovely, well-syncopated tune.
And I cannot recall a single word,
but every vivid memory I recall
completes a line, fulfills the rhyme
and since that time continually replays.


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