All I Want

Do you ever introspect? Consider,
that our relationship is flawed?
You persist, overwhelm and then exhaust
all possibility for an easy affiliation
with your worry, your incessant control.

I am not a child, no baby anymore-
leave me free to explore, endure my womanhood!
Please? Or is it too much…to ask
for permission to grow up and BE a woman?
I am imprisoned in my fight for independence.

My submission to, my fear of you
should have been subdued long ago.
Yet, still, in fear, I submit to your beck and call.
I have grown stir-crazy. Simply mad!
Angry only at me for not fighting earlier.

When I try to flee your reign over me
you undermine me with my own blood,
manipulate and guilt me to break.
Your cycle obvious, unavoidable and you know
that I will forfeit. You will reclaim control-

You are my Achilles heel, my demon.
To tell you true you hold much more power ,
than I should have ever allowed you.
To take it all back now would end your world (so you said)
but I need a complete, clean break from you.

I will take it, just you wait. This time,
I swear it. You will not see it coming
and I will be so far gone. Blending with the horizon.
I will not let leave even a sigh from my lips.
No quiver. Stitched shut. Teeth clinched.

When you feel the final break away,
it will burn. Like fire. Bright and bold.
Even you will taste my freedom;
you may, I suspect, enjoy its flavor.
It will be sweet, heavenly. Divine.


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