The epitome of a bad dream-
staring down the road to your destiny,
knowing exactly what is to come.
But you can change nothing about it.
So, you stand and smile, fighting tears,
swallowing your pride, as this reaper
tries to reassure you of a fair price-
there is compensation for your “loss”
-another day’s pay, you assume. (scoff)
He promises that your performance
bore no weight on this decision,
it is simply time to part ways
with this life you’ve come to know-
with your consistent day to day.
You stare into his lifeless eyes,
searching for sympathy, or fear-
any recognizable human emotion.
He is but the shadow of the man
behind this decision. The man who
wasn’t really man enough to face you.
And while you’re fighting mad inside,
you never let it show. In fact, you are
not sure you are even mad at all.
Suddenly, a wave of relief hits you;
you are free! Yes, you are set free.


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