Safe Keeping

My heart now gapes wide,
as my lips abide-
leak secrets, tell tales.
My voice collides with the silence-
beauty pronounced with a smile.
A smile so coy, slightly shy,
but no reservation is traced
in the lines of the lips;
they are poised, perfect.

And you, my dear,
are perfectly positioned
to break my open heart.
But, despite my reservation,
so gently you take it,
without hesitation-
so eagerly. For so patient
had you waited for me
to agree to let this be.

I trust you will keep me. Safe.
Locked tight, in your arms,
nurturing, listening
as the beats of our hearts
grow in sync. On repeat,
harmonize the rhymes
that new love creates.
Promising not to retrace the old,
only map out new lines. Just us two.


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