Congratulations on your Engagement

If all you need is what you have found
in him; if he makes whole your heart,
then know your happiness is all I want.
So, I will filter a smile through for you,
because you are a part of me,
I share the blood that fills your veins-
for who dares to rip apart this bond?
This blood is not just a bodily lifeline,
not just a product, process of the heart.
It is thick. It is warm. It is defiant, bold.
In us, it should bind our lives strong,
but lately that bond had grown thin, cold.

Your source of happiness, you see,
stripped the very happiness from me.
And, forgive me, but it is still too fresh,
I am much too proud, to sit idly by,
watch you choose him at the cost
of cutting me loose, spilling your own blood.
And while I strive to recover, to forgive
I still feel the desire for revenge,
but know that by destroying him,
inevitably, I would destroy you too.

Our hearts may be joined in chemical bond,
but they harbor entirely different desires
and the wants of my heart dictate not
the needs (or wants) of your own.
So, for you, in your proudest moment,
I cast my anger, reservations asunder,
open my heart to possibility and accept
that this fate you have met I cannot change-
that I should not want to, anyway.
I must share your blood, by my own fate
but choose to understand and share your love.


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