On Confrontation and Set backs

Could you not just let me be?
You were made very aware
of my general reactions,
and you voiced your respects.
I guess my words were not enough,
which is slightly comedic
for over them I believe
I have the most control.
I trusted that I was progressing,
and by some oddity, thanked you
for assisting me in that growth
to what awareness, acceptance
and hopeful improvement
I was moving toward, but,
you just could not leave it alone.
No, you have to play your part-
the self-proclaimed “peace-maker”
has to fix the problem, but
now, you have become the problem.
I fail miserably to make peace,
but, I am phenomenal at least
at building walls, creating distance.
Since, I seem to have lost command
of what I put most confidence in,
I will settle for my back up defense…


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