Dream a Bigger Dream for Me

Desperately feed, like parasitic fleas
on the fumbling, feeble freedoms
as frightened fighters carry the flag
the rest of the world hides beneath.
Turn eyes, like clockwork in sync
with time. Turn beds down to sleep,
dream sweet while soldiers bleed;
be at peace with all you refuse to see.
Or, conceal your naivety, curse the man,
spit on pacts, patriot acts, “socialist” schemes
for you were brought up to believe
yourself resident of the land of the free-
no communist reform, no political regime
will leave thread-bare your great country.
And damaged it is, but not irreparably.
It seems it just need a new dream
or, more accurately, new dreamers,
new believers, new eyes to see
that these factors you fight to reprieve
cost as much, weigh no more heavily,
than instilled idealism of your family tree.
This idiocy coursing through the veins
is the condition of the American dream.
This country was not founded on one I,
but of collective efforts, hearts, minds
and when drawn together, change is achieved.


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