Leave Not a Word Unspoken

Saddled into a job of absolution,
is a most methodical muscle
eloquently designed to its task.
Perfectly beautiful, shapely
except for one major flaw-
that it might break too easily,
under weight of giving its all-
to its own life, by default,
to another, by natural right.
But it is made solid, invincible
when absorbed in mutual delight.
So, whilst competing against time
to gain resolve, absolution,
establish place in the line
that determines the worth
of the mark it leaves behind.
That when, at the grand finale,
that last exhausted beat sounds.
The last ounce of work bleeds out
as its final task is complete,
the body it fueled laid to rest,
and adorned in its finest dress,
to best preserve life’s masterpiece.
For a unique quest, all its own
is the perfected skill in the fight
of this tiny muscle so determined,
so bent on breaking its mold,
to exhaust every ounce of energy it holds
just to reveal the most beautiful truth
all the world should know because
a heart in love leaves no word untold.


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