Your (daily) Appreciation in Value

After encountering utter desolation-
closed heart here, there a closed mind
enough times, I consented to forfeit.
Privately, I remained full of passion,
hopeful and wanting of an ever-after
designed with heart to heart in mind
but content with facing life on my own,
steadfast in my isolation, my lonely,
that I wanted not to disrupt, but hoped
that someone else might, instead,
come along and prove me wrong-
would willingly chance to take me on.
And slave was I to this secret want,
but resigned to fact, to truth, to fate
that in reality, never would be for me
joint happiness of once solitary hearts.
When, finally in fairest repose I retired
my weary eyes shut tight, dried out,
my heart set on perpetual solitude,
when did a little notice catch my eyes,
intrigue my mind, and my heart smiled-
as if for the very first time, it smiled!
In reply, I courteously did abide
to make time, give a stranger a try,
who braved the public’s line of sight
to merely catch the attention of mine.
And, besides, it was only polite for
who was I to decline such bold invite?
When I gave up the active search,
life provided a match made to satisfy
even more than my heart truly desired-
a gentle man of supreme stature,
properly versed in chivalrous code,
athletic inclination, artistic demonstration
strikingly handsome in no modest fashion,
verbose, truth be told, intimidatingly so
considering the ease of words for me.
Above all these attributes I adore, I am,
(need I honestly admit such obviousness)
fond of aesthetics far less than the core-
a beautiful heart has he to bear,
a brilliant mind complimented only by
a generous soul he graciously shares.
He is perfection adorned in human flesh,
by his side I am comfortable, whole
in his arms I am safe; I am home.
In his eyes the reflection of happiness-
not mine alone, but a shared collection
empowered as the blessed story unfolds.


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