On Long Night Drives

I may not have replied as you desired,
but I clung to your every word, assured
that your vocal expression was true
and, though my lips remained sealed,
if we had engaged in our typical dual
your eyes would have glimpsed the truth
so obviously etched in my own gaze-
that I itched to proclaim the same to you
but opted to remain silent, to avoid
premature release of such words
I fear I do not yet fully comprehend.

Trust that this feeling has not faded away
for fervently I refuse its escape.
I keep it safe, securely locked at heart
where I intend it to remain, to mature
until I feel no need to hesitate or fear
the revelation that I long to make, eventually
but still aches even now to be freed.
Though my eyes attempt to defy,
reveal the truth my lips work to hide,
no part of my being could actually deny
that how I feel about you, the truth,
daily swells in size, spreads wild,
finds me fighting harder each day
to keep my voice quiet, my lips still.


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