The True Nature of Friends

Methodically, we skirted the world’s reality,
challenged nights and neon lights
chancing to beat our record stops
before sun up or even closing time.
We were identical in spirit, awkward,
at peace with our ability to define our style
at a friendly pace, never encroaching upon,
only respectful of our individual happiness.
We used our own eccentric language
to dictate a friendship of substance
but, never tried to identify beyond the surface.
Perhaps, I dodged or ignored every word
your silent stares meant to imply-
I swear though, that I was oblivious.
For I wanted you in my reality, honestly
but only the way I intended you to be.
Then, you broke the trust I had in us,
that friendship I was so grateful for-
that I thought we were both proud of.
You broke the solidarity of all I believed
about you and me to be true, real.
My heart was not yours to break,
thankfully I never offered it for you to take,
but my trust was gifted, secured to you.
Now, I grow afraid of who I thought I knew,
but not just of you, but of strangers too.
I search for all malevolent style
swelling behind the kindest of eyes,
at any turn, at any time, and I cannot discern
to whom I can safely extend my trust.


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