The Gingerbread Disaster

Last night Rob and I built a gingerbread house…ok, so we attempted to build one but the gingerbread did not want to be a cute little cottage- it wanted to replicate the Midwest’s country-side after this year’s tornado season.

I had never built a gingerbread house before, so I was counting on Rob’s expert level gingerbread building skills to show me how it was done. After all, he did build a 3 foot tall “gingerbread” tower replica of KBR for his company’s gingerbread house competition. Though he did not win in the company’s eyes, his creation was a masterpiece in mine.

Anyway, our gingerbread house started off looking pretty good. We pasted Mike & Ike’s on the roof for extra color. They looked like actual shingles, and Rob mastered the application of the icing so it looked like actual snow!

However, after we added more and more candy…and drank more wine… the dad-gum house started to lean. It might have been us… at first. But, sure as sh*t, the gingerbread roof WAS sliding right off of its gingerbread frame. Our house started swallowing the gum balls on the seam of the roof…as well as the icing as we scrambled to squish the gingerbread pieces back together. We tried adding more icing, and letting it set/dry a little, but our efforts were futile.

Rob and I laughed until we cried as our gingerbread house collapsed. In slow motion…and with it our hopes of a new Christmas tradition. Then again, gingerbread house deconstruction or demolition could be the next big thing.

Sadly, the images are not out of order 🙂



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