Taking Strides

I said time and again
that I was letting go.
But, I flat out lied,
and still held tight
to the memories
I could not undo
much less relive.

Crying aloud while
dying inside and
fighting madly with
all who honestly tried
to help me see,
clearly, why I must
move on, completely.

I refused to listen
to reason and sense.
I beat myself up
any time I lost sight
of you in my dreams
or gave up your lead
to anyone new.

But someone worthy
of receiving my all
was nearly pushed
to the edge and lost
by my selfish denial.
So, I simply cannot do
this any more, with you.

It is not you holding on
but me, much too strong
to this delayed goodbye.
I have waited so long in
the shadow of your wake
so you keep old dreams
as I live for me, today.


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