Truthfully…Do You?

Do you feel the speed
of my heart beat increase
when you touch me,
even if with just a
gentle brush of skin?

Do you see the quiver
in my stressed lips
as they fight the urge,
hold in tight the truth-
the beautiful words?

True, you may notice
such subtleties in time,
but they signify little
if not boldly displayed
in front of your eyes.

So, you cannot yet see
my need, my want
to be perfect for you-
your all, your everything
from here… to eternity.

I never want any hurt
to find a way to grow
in your beautiful eyes.
I want them to smile
for all time, in pride.

And I hope these words
transcribed can suffice,
help you to understand
how hard I find that I,
I am falling for you.


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