A Happy Valentine’s Day to my Readers

I was reminded today by one of my readers that I should not be sad in the spirit of the holiday that celebrates love because sometimes my blog puts smiles on people’s faces when they really need them. So, in honor of St. Valentine, I will share a happy story with you all.

For the past 2 months (basically) I have been working my ass off training at a Crossfit gym near my home. I also adopted a paleo-style diet, which is currently in what we are calling a sugar detox phase.

Through this lifestyle change, I have lost a little over two inches off of my waist, toned and defined muscles I did not know existed and completely changed the way I see myself…and life.

I may still write “dark” expressive poems, but I feel fabulous and I wanted to share with my readers that, with a little determination, anything is possible!

If you are unhappy with the way things are, get out there and do something about it ❤

Happy Valentine's Day darlings


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