Wanted: 6 Mental Health Days & a Bottom of Rum

In less than 3 days, one of my best girl friends and I will board a plane, fly over water and never have technically left US territory. Destination, Puerto Rico for our first annual “oh you got dumped? I got dumped too! Let’s get the hell out of here” girl’s trip!!

I am so excited to get away from all that is familiar- the painful reminders of the false reality I lived in for the past 5 months. Time for some salty sea air to tangle our hair! Time to get lost in a tropical sunset paradise with sun-kissed strangers! Try new foods, learn new dances, drink free rum at the Bacardi Factory! Time to explore caves, hike mountains and immerse ourselves in the warmth!

Time for me to park my ass in the sand from sun up to sun down, think about nothing and do nothing but exist for a while. Time to say goodbye and leave the past right where it lays, because the only thing that will matter in 3 days is the next 6 ahead dedicated to Puerto Rico…I hope you’re ready baby! (I got this Brazilian just for you *ouch*)


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