Views on Wanting

Chose to wait
two years to bait
his shiny hook,
cast the line,
end the silence,
tempt fate and
entice the prey.

Warily, she caved
starving took a bite
snagged his line
ceased to fight,
she found warmth
in his sky eyes-
decided to stay.

Then, to her dismay
he had his taste,
and, dissatisfied
laid the rest to waste.
Spread his wings,
to fish finer seas
with higher gains.

She begged him,
with what fight
still remained, limbs
aching with pain
to keep hold
of the heart
he once claimed.

Distance remains,
spreading wildly
as relentless flames.
Tears, a stinging rain
stain her forlorn skin
but the fight ceased
her grip, released.


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