Night One in PR

Despite our flight being scheduled to land in San Juan at 5:30pm, we made it to our hostel FINALLY at 9pm. An hour delay in Miami turned into more like two hours after an unexpected passenger illness turned our plane around right as it was preparing for take off. When we finally landed, we spent nearly another hour at the airport trying to decide if we wanted to take a taxi or bus.

After several wrong turns, into dark alleys, on streets with names we can’t pronounce, here we are, The Palace Hostel! Our humble abode for the next 6 nights. The place is quaint, cozy- with a garden villa meets youth baptist encampment feel.

There are cats… everywhere. And they all look the same. Even the dogs look like cats. Odd phenomena. There is a frozen yogurt shop about a four minute walk up Ponce de Leon BLVD…it is the most cheerful looking place in Miramar at 10pm. The architecture of some of the older buildings is stunning, so I cannot wait to snap pictures in Old San Juan later this week!

Some of the people here in Miramar are incredibly friendly, while others seem rather irritated with tourists. Perhaps I need to practice the remnants of my Spanish on them. Then again, that actually might make it worse.

Tomorrow is a new day! Pretty stoked to see the city and shoreline in the daylight…buenos noches!

*One of the guys in our “dorm” room has either an annoying habit of talking to/cursing at himself…or he has a case of Tourette’s at a library volume. He came in and out for 15 minutes muttering curse words to himself while Tiff and I were trying to sleep. Hooray for hostel life


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