Puerto Rico part 6: the distance

In case you are wondering, it is possible to drive from one side of the island to the other in a day.

Basically, our plans for Friday were a little obstructed (by sleep) so we wound up driving from Old San Juan west to Dorado to see the black sand beaches. We could not find said beaches, so we ventured on to Aricebo. After driving all the way up the mountain to see the Observatory, we were too short on time to actually tour it; instead, we snapped a picture in front of the sign and raced back down the mountain in an effort to get back to our hostel to change.

Once in Miramar, we had about 15 minutes to get ready and be back on the road headed east to Fajardo for our bioluminescent kayaking trip. In an effort to hurry, we decided to stop for frozen yogurt, then hit rush hour traffic, rain and every stop light on the way. Still made it to our departure with -3 minutes to spare.

The night kayaking was probably the most adventurous, refreshing and exciting part of the entire trip (for me). The dinoflagellate that glow during their photosynthesis process were not exactly as impressive as I imagined, but the experience was incredible nonetheless.

Tiff and I were a great team when it came to communication and staying in sync for maneuvering the kayak. We were exceptionally in tune when returning through the canal in the dark-it was basically pitch black for a mile. We may have been the last to arrive but we were the first to make it back without struggling!

On the way home, we were going to stop at a non-touristy authentic restaurant, but we were tired and did well just to pay attention to the road. Wound up all the way back in Old San Juan where we met up with Lord from Poet’s Passage for dinner. He had the wait staff sing Tiff happy birthday which was super sweet of him, and even though she told him not to, she was totally a good sport about it.

We finally rolled back into Miramar around 1:15am, and planned to get all of our stuff together so we’d be ready to leave for the airport by 5:45am. We had new hostel guests that brought me into a random conversation and somehow during the exchange another roommate came in and locked me out of the room!

Tony, one of the new house guests, stayed up with me until around 5:30 when someone finally emerged from my room. I hurried to gather and pack my things and then woke Tiff up so we could leave. We turned in our keys and that was it; our trip was over.

I already miss PR, so much. I miss it’s shoddy service, the warm weather, the Spanish flair, the cat calls, the mullets…*sigh* even the bad drivers. I know someday I will have to make it back to see the rest of the island, but now, I totally have the travel bug and I want to go somewhere new- bring on the next adventure!!


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