Camping, Crossfit Edition

I wish there was something truly worthy of blogging from our “caveman” camping trip this weekend, but aside from Weber’s undiagnosed drinking problem and sleep apnea…ok, and Josh’s miscalculation of distance for our morning workout it was a rather typical camping trip.

I promised the group perfect weather & aside from a bit of heat, perfect weather we got! Unfortunately, a bunch of people bailed and missed out on the awesomeness- and missed seeing their fellow work out buddies take life considerably less serious. We learned that Weber is quite a happy camper who laughs all the time about nothing in particular…and his laugh is completely infectious. Josh has cat-like reflexes, listens to every kind of music under the sun and is the most disciplined and responsible person, ever. Even when drinking. Beh is over-prepared, a beer pong professional and his Persian suave even attracts big burly straight men. Erik can hang with Crossfitters, even though he’d never done a CF workout before…and did so after drinking, in the heat. Utterly #impressive.

I learned that I am not nearly as observant as I think. I managed to use the men’s restroom all Friday afternoon, and well into Saturday without ever looking at the gender designation signs that are clearly posted. I even went so far as to snap a picture of the funny graffiti on the wall, then showed it to my pal who says “the same thing is in the men’s room” and it STILL didn’t register…until I followed the guys to the building & they went into the left doorway. Whoops!

I asked Josh, one of our Crossfit trainers, to create a WOD or 2 for the weekend, which was totally dumb. We ALL drank Friday night…in excess. He woke up Saturday morning with this crazy idea to have us climb down the cliff and swim across the lake. Um, what? Do you have life flight on standby? We are all going to cramp. And drown! Besides, I didn’t sign up to, ah, swim. Ever. I lounge in pools, bodies of water. I don’t DO swimming. (although I should; it’s so insanely good for you).

I guess I should have let Josh try and force us to swim, because I am certain his intention was to kill us one way or another- drowning would have been less painful…and hot. He did not pre-measure the run portion of our workout and by the time we actually got started, it was ridiculously warm out.

The WOD consisted of:
1/2 mile run
20 burpees
20 squats
20 lunges
20 push-ups

1/2mile run
15 reps each

1/2 mile run
10 reps each

1/2 mile run
5 reps each

Yes, we are total gluttons for punishment, but we sweated out our Friday night beers to make room for Saturday’s repeat offenses. We even threw in some burgers (ect) for good measure. Who stays paleo/primal while camping anyway? Clearly not us, because we wound up making s’mores later that night…we were like children (ie: drunk adults) experiencing something amazing for the first time.

The weekend was a success, but much too short. Can’t wait for our next adventure.



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