Ride of Your Life

A river of sorrow embarked upon,
for love was lost, a false promise
the heart had given up waiting on.

And no hope rode on these waters
just as the surging fall over edge
all hope had rapidly expired.

But when returned to a steady flow,
these waters at the end of the fall
faded to blue, grew gentle, shallow

frog’s croak to life, urgent their cries
beckoning for hasty escape
to the safety of a sound shoreline.

But from what is this need for escape?
The sudden fumble of the beat
as the heart trembles, starts to break?

From pain, there is no way to hide
it must be endured to be overcome-
confidence is restored, in time.

At the end of the ride, you find
the heart is stronger than pride
both ache, but only in mind.

For both can be broken, no doubt
but the heart still works on, steadily beating
while broken pride simply sits out

until convinced of its worth
the ego, gently stroked, is coaxed
out of its self-pitying berth.


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