The Latest: Blogs Get Buffaloed!!

Last week I was given the great honor of guest blogging for a unique organization known as “The American Buffalo Club” that is spreading like wildfire across the Twitter nation! My poem “Go on, Get Buffaloed” is now featured on their blog site! Check it out here!

The American Buffalo Club promotes the largest and longest on-going drinking game. Members call themselves “buffaloes” and make a lifelong commitment to always drink with their non-dominant hand. When a member is caught drinking with his/her dominant hand and someone calls “buffalo” on them, he/she must chug the remains of the beverage. However, calling “buffalo” on someone who is not drinking an alcoholic beverage or is a leftie (like me!) can result in a “false buffalo” in which case the caller must chug his/her drink.

Some say this mentality originated as far back as the “Wild West” era when the dominant hand was reserved for drawing guns and all other “recreational” activities were performed with the opposite hand. Regardless of its origin, this is one game that definitely keeps you on your toes throughout the night…and life!

For more information, or to become a member please visit their website: American Buffalo Club and follow them on the Twitter @BuffaloClubUSA #lefthandonlynation


2 thoughts on “The Latest: Blogs Get Buffaloed!!

  1. just returning favors! thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the herd!

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