(Fund)Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

Calling all FRIENDS. FAMILY. ENEMIES & STRANGERS! It’s time we all join together in the fight to save the tatas! Come out to The 19th Hole on April 12, 2013 to show your support while rocking out to some great tunes and snagging groovy merch. All proceeds from the day will be donated to Jaymi’s journey in the Avon Walk.

Who’s Jaymi? Well, she is co-founder and eldest daughter of the inspiration behind The Della Nation Foundation. In 2011 The Della Nation Foundation was formed by Della Adams’ daughters, Nikki & Jaymi to honor her fight with Breast Cancer, which she lost at the young age of 44 in 1999. Jaymi will be walking 39.3 miles on April 20th & 21st in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. So, in short, Jaymi is bad-ass and deserves our support!!

Texas recording artist, Placid Blue, who are big supporters of The Della Nation Foundation, will be headlining the event, along with Cody Land and more. There will be Auction Items, Merchandise, and a opportunity to donate to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Come on already. Let’s show how much we love boobies!!!



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