What Hurt Most was Losing You, Not Him

Perhaps silence will not help you see your mistakes,
but by the error of your ways, I could no longer fake
this friendship you left sinking to gain attention
from the one person you dared to mention
in the wake of his final vacation from my life.
Your questions were out of sync
with the appropriate, genuine concerns
of someone who spent a great deal of time
crying on my shoulder when your own heart was rocked
time and again by parades of men
who refused to love you
after just one night or, at most, two.
Not that I fully intend to discredit your being- or even your feelings.
I know it is hard to face the fallout of your choices
but if you had, even just once,
acted more out of concern for friends
as they repeatedly had for you
than on your own selfish desires,
these lines need not be necessary.
But, you see, you dared to prove
that, like those men who rejected you,
my friendship was worth
as little as you put in, in the end.
Asking where I had been,
spying on me for him, for attention
appears truly more validating for you
than making sure a friend’s heart
was on the mend.


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