Hometown Hero Lost at Sea

On Tuesday April 29, a friend and former coworker was lost at sea off of the coast of Belize while kayaking with a buddy near the Belize Barrier Reef by Ambergris Caye. His friend, Bradley Josker is safe and sound in the states, thank goodness! As of now though, Wrangler Shane Leesman is still considered missing. We are so gracious for the search efforts of Belize Coast Guard, Air Force, Police and locals and we know they are doing everything that they can. However, their resources are limited so friends and family in Texas are trying to increase search efforts from the home front. Many have reached out to local news outfits as well as the US military with whom Wrangler has served as an Army Ranger for 5 tours overseas. There are also services available in Belize, but they come with high costs- but no cost is too high to bring a good man home!! 

We just want our friend found and brought home; please lift up prayers, positive thoughts or donate on paypal (if you can and are able) to jennifer.richards6@yahoo.com. 



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