In too deep

Oh, how lovely is this ledge,
you have brought me to again.
And so strategically placed,
here, in my way while you,
idle a few feet behind
expecting me to take this dive,
straight into the deep one more time.

All right, I say, I will stick around.
I will play this aquatic game
just once more with you.
But then, if I win this day,
never again will I partake
in such childish ways.

I take in the sight before me
feeling the icy breeze
as the wind grazes the sea
wildly raging the waves
so the peaks of the rocky graves
of your playmates past
I can no longer see.

This is unfair, I exclaim!
in an exasperated gasp
but you have already taken aim.
And swiftly you knock
the breath straight out of me
with one forceful blow.
You have deceived me, again.

You cannot claim victory
for this defeat; you have not won,
you cheat! You believed me naive
and I was, just as you suspected,
falling much too deep,
when, at last, you pushed me
straight over the edge.


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